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A facelift is a type of surgery that aims to enhance the appearance of the face. This procedure involves removing skin and fat from the face, neck, and chin. 

Additionally, it tightens muscles and reduces wrinkles and folds. By undergoing this surgery, you can achieve a youthful look without the need for additional treatments.

The Facelift Cost can vary depending on the procedure chosen and its complexity. Your surgeon will provide guidance after evaluating your features and discussing your expectations.

What are the Factors that affect a facelift cost?

What are the Factors that affect a facelift cost 2024

The cost of a facelift may be affected by several important factors. Among these factors:

  • Location and hospital: Surgery costs vary depending on the location and hospital. In some places, the overhead costs for medical services may be higher.
  • Surgeon’s experience: A highly experienced surgeon may prefer higher fees due to their skills and experience in facelift procedures.
  • Operation scope: If the procedure includes additional modifications or other interventions, this may result in an increase in cost.
  • Post-operative costs: Post-operative costs should also be taken into consideration, including aftercare and medications.
  • Cost of anesthesia: The type of anesthesia used may affect the cost of the operation.

The Cost of Facelift by Type

Different methods are available for facelift procedures, each utilizing various techniques to carry out the surgery. Your board-certified plastic surgeon should be able to discuss the options with you in detail. The following are some of the types of facelifts:

Deep plane facelift cost

The Deep Plane/SMAS facetite removes excess skin and fat from the face, neck, and jawline. Surgeons can do facelifts with or without incisions, either through open surgery or non-surgical methods. 

Surgeons perform the SMAS Vs. Deep Plane Facelift on patients who have lost weight or have sagging faces. We perform this procedure to address the loss of facial volume.

the cost of this type range between $4000 to $7000

mini neck lift cost

The mini-facelift is like the deep plane/SMAS facelift but without moving the muscle fascia (SMAS).

As a result, the mini-facelift also requires less recovery time than a traditional one. According to certain surgeons, this procedure is considered safer compared to other face procedures because it doesn’t involve cutting or repositioning muscles during the surgery.

The mini facelift cost in Turkey ranges from 3,500 to 5,500 US dollars.

Mid-face lift cost

This treatment is created to target mild to moderate indications of aging. During a mid-facelift, a cut will be made along the hairline to elevate the cheekbone and eliminate surplus skin from the middle of the face. Additionally, the surgeon might employ liposuction to shape the cheeks and jawline.

This procedure costs approximately the same as the mini facelift cost and ranges between 3,500 and 5,500 US dollars.

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lower face lift cost

A lower facelift is a cosmetic procedure aimed at improving the appearance of the lower part of the face, such as the jaw and neck. 

The procedure involves lifting the skin and reshaping the facial structure to achieve a youthful and tightened appearance.

The cost of this procedure varies based on the requirements of the individual case. The lower facelift is a popular option for those seeking to improve the aesthetics of their face completely.

The lower facelift cost ranges between $4,000 to $6,000.

Face and neck lift cost

Face and neck lift cost nwe 2024

A face and neck lift procedure is an effective solution to maintain youthful skin and reduce signs of aging. This procedure involves lifting and tightening the skin to improve the texture of the face and neck. 

A Face Lift and Neck Lift Cost varies depending on geography and the surgeon’s specialty, and prices range over a certain range, making it a popular option for those looking to improve their appearance.

The cost of face and neck lift surgery is considered the most expensive type and ranges between $5,500 to $7,500

S-Lift price

This surgery targets sagging skin around the neck and chin by tightening these areas and removing excess fat deposits to give a youthful appearance. That is ideal if you are looking for natural results without going overboard with invasive procedures like neck liposuction or chin implants.

The price of S-Lift ranges between $4,000 to $6,000

Best facelift surgeons in Turkey

Packages include medical fees, accommodation, airport transfers, and personal host.

How much does a facelift cost by country?

The cost of a facelift can vary widely, ranging from $5,000 to $15,000 or more, depending on many factors, such as:

  • The surgeon’s experience, 
  • location
  • The extent of the procedure. 

How much is a facelift in the UK?

In the U.K., facelift costs can differ wildly from place to place, depending on the type and complexity of the procedure. 

According to the National Health Service, expect to pay 7,000 pounds for a mini facelift and around 10,000 pounds for a face and neck lift. Furthermore, the patients should consider the cost of consultations or subsequent medical care.

Facelift surgery price in the USA

The average facelift cost in the U.S. is $8,005, according to 2021 statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons

This average cost is only a part of the total price – and does not include anesthesia, operating room, or other related expenses. Please consult with your plastic surgeon to determine the final fee.

price of a facelift surgery in Canada

According to Edelstein Cosmetics’ website, facelift surgery costs anywhere from 6000 to 25,000 Canadian dollars in Canada. The cost is heavily influenced by the scope of the surgery and the patient’s objectives. 

If you are looking for how this surgery can manage you financially, the truth is that the best way to get an accurate idea is to schedule a consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon. During a consultation like this, you can ask questions, evaluate yourself, and determine the price.

How much is a facelift in Australia?

The cost of facelift surgery in Australia can differ significantly, From about $10,500 to $12,000 for a low-cost procedure with a less experienced doctor or surgeon. 

However, according to the costhetics’ website, it can be more than $18,000 for more complex procedures involving a professional plastic surgeon.

Facelift Turkey Price

The facelift cost in Turkey is low compared to other countries, and the average cost in Turkey is around $3,500 to a little over $5,000. However, the total cost depends on the surgeon’s experience and popularity and the complexity of their procedure, among other factors.

At HayatMed Clinic Turkey, we have highly skilled plastic surgeons in the plastic surgery field, an experienced medical crew, and a clinic equipped with advanced technologies.

Facelift in turkey before and after

Best facelift surgeons in Turkey

Packages include medical fees, accommodation, airport transfers, and personal host.

What is included in the inclusive facelift package in Turkey?

What is included in the inclusive facelift package in Turkey 2024

In an all-inclusive facelift package in Turkey, the following elements are typically included:

  1. Surgical procedure
  2. Pre-operative consultations
  3. Surgeon’s fees
  4. anesthesia fees
  5. Hospital or clinic fees
  6. Medication
  7. Post-operative care
  8. Hotel Stay
  9. Airport transfers


The most important benefit of having a facelift in Turkey is a rejuvenated, youthful, and natural-looking face. You will also see an improvement in your self-confidence and well-being. In addition, the surgery cost is much cheaper than in countries like the U.S., U.K., or Australia.

How is facelift surgery done?

facelift in Turkey Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

You can go back to work after a week to 2 weeks form your procedure. That is at a time in your recovery when you have fewer signs of surgery, and your face is not so fragile.

Ideally, it would be best if you aimed to go back to work after 7 to 15 days following your procedure.

Insurance generally doesn’t cover the cost of facelift surgery as it’s considered cosmetic rather than medically necessary; however, to be on the safe side, it’s always a good idea to check with your provider beforehand.

Typically, total surgical costs include surgeon fees, hospital or surgical facility costs, anesthesia fees, medical tests and post-surgery garments as well as medication prescriptions.

Yes, some plastic surgeons offer financing plans, and there are medical credit companies that offer loans for cosmetic procedures.

Post-operative costs should be included in your initial cost estimate; however, should complications arise, additional expenses may incur; it’s essential that this be discussed with your surgeon prior to beginning.

Yes, the cost typically varies based on the extent of the procedure. A full facelift is more extensive and usually more expensive than a mini facelift.

Though some countries offer cheaper facelift procedures, it is still wise to carefully evaluate potential risks. These could include communication difficulties, no legal recourse in case anything goes wrong and follow-up costs and difficulties.

Remember, cost should never be your only deciding factor when considering any surgical procedure – finding an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon to ensure optimal outcomes is crucial for optimal outcomes.

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