What’s a BBL surgery?

What's a BBL surgery?

Sinking in a sea of acronyms, you probably have come across BBL at least once. It comes from the Brazilian Butt Lift, and it is one of the biggest dreams of many women around the world.

You may wonder what it has to do with Brazil. Well, the women who are born in South American countries are well known for their round and perfectly shaped posterior.

There is a huge enthusiasm for this art of the body in Brazil and, as you can see, almost everywhere in the world.     

How is it done?

A BBL surgery is a medical procedure in which the posterior is filled with fat, which was previously obtained from other parts of your body with liposuction.

In other words, a plastic BBL surgery is a fat grafting procedure, which will improve the shape and fullness of the posterior using your fat.

If you want to shape your posterior without having implants, BBL is the true answer, which will give you the result promised in every picture of BBL before and after

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When can I sit down after BBL surgery?

This is the most common question. The pressure on the posterior must be kept off for at least two months.

You can go back to work after a week, but you should take into consideration that sedentariness is not something recommended.

However, doctors will show you some useful positions in which you can sit so that your posterior will not be too much affected during the recovery process.

The BBL aftercare is not very complicated. Besides avoiding sitting a lot, you should not make an effort four weeks post-op bbl, and you must not lift weights. 

Brazilian Butt Lift price 

Brazilian Butt Lift (bbl surgery) price

Before undergoing such surgery, you should try to find the best esthetician at an affordable cost.

This is not something easy in Europe, but it is very common in Turkey, though.

The cosmetic surgeries market in Turkey is much cheaper than in any other countries in Europe, but with the same specialized estheticians.

How much is a BBL in Turkey? Not less than $2000, but not more than $3500.

If you consider a BBL cosmetic procedure, you should schedule an appointment with an experienced esthetician to discuss your goals and the advantages and disadvantages of this procedure. 

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A BBL surgery can offer very natural-looking results

A BBL involves a unique technique, which consists of using your fat to give a better shape and a more defined look to your posterior.

That is why the results do not look artificial but very natural. Also, the fact of using natural fat cells has a great benefit on the general look, because it will allow your body to integrate the cells naturally in your body.

This is one of the advantages of opting for a Brazilian Butt Lift over artificial implants. The implants consist of a synthetic material, which will be inserted under your skin and will create awkward movements and an unbalanced look.

HayatMed located in Istanbul is highly experienced in performing Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery with satisfactory results according to our patients’ evaluations. 

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