The Price of Confidence: Understanding Mastopexy Cost Factors

Mastopexy Cost

A breast lift can help improve the appearance of a woman’s breasts if they have sagged. Sagging can occur because of weight loss, pregnancy, breastfeeding, or weak inherited tissue. When performed by an experienced surgeon, Mastopexy can achieve natural-looking results. 

What Is Mastopexy?

Mastopexylifts and reshapes breasts surgically. You can do it alone or with breast augmentation or liposuction. Surgeons typically make incisions along the chest and under the arms for better results and less scarring.

When done after weight loss, breast lift may include removing excess skin. To prevent bulges on the breasts, you may need additional procedures like liposuction. This is more effective if extra skin is present before weight loss.

What affects the cost of a Mastopexy?

What affects the cost of a Mastopexy new 2024

The cost of your surgery depends on several factors:

  1. Procedure Complexity: The complexity of your surgery affects costs. Having both vertical Mastopexy and a breast lift takes longer to recover from than just a breast lift.
  2. Surgeon Experience: The surgeon’s experience influences costs. Picking an experienced plastic surgeon for similar surgeries can save money compared to hiring someone unfamiliar with these procedures.
  3. Practice Location: The surgery location impacts its cost. Private practices owned by your physician may charge more, as they don’t need to cover additional expenses like rent.
  4. Anesthesia Type and Administration: breast lifts can use local or general anesthesia. Local anesthesia is safer but less effective in relieving pain. General anesthesia, on the other hand, is more effective in managing pain but carries higher risks.

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How Much Does a Mastopexy Cost in Turkey?

The average cost of a Boob lift in Turkey is between $2,700 and $4,500, and the cost varies depending on the clinic and surgeon.

In addition to the surgical costs, you should also plan to spend money on:

  1. Hotel accommodation for at least five nights (or more if your recovery time requires it)
  2. Meals (breakfast/lunch/dinner) during your stay in Turkey

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How Much Does a Mastopexy Cost in the US?

The cost of a mastopexy ($5,012) depends on several factors, including the surgeon’s fee and the location where you live. 

Expect to pay out-of-pocket for any necessary procedures related to:

  1. Consultation fees
  2. Anesthesia fees
  3. Operating room time

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How Much Does a Boob lift price in Canada?

The Mastopexy price in Canada is $12,500, and it varies by province and city.

How Much Does a Breast lift Mastopexy cost in the UK?

Breast Mastopexy cost procedure will vary depending on the surgeon’s location, experience, and circumstances. In the United Kingdom, the surgery costs can be up to £8,000, according to the Europe Surgery Website.

Best mastopexy prices for 2023

Packages include medical fees, hospital accommodation, airport transfers, and personal host.

Am I a Candidate for Breast Lift Surgery?

Am I a Candidate for Breast Lift Surgery new 2024

You may be a candidate for breast lift surgery if you:

  1. Are healthy and have no medical issues
  2. Are you in good physical shape?
  3. Are you not pregnant or breastfeeding
  4. Do not take medications that could interfere with healing, such as blood thinners or steroids. 
  5. Stop smoking several weeks before surgery. Most patients can return to light activities within a few days of breast lift surgery.

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Benefits of Mastopexy

The benefits of breast lift include:

  1. Improving your self-image
  2. Helping you look younger
  3. Giving you more confidence and comfort in your clothes
  4. Making you feel attractive, feminine, and beautiful

What Are My Breast Lift Options?

The three most common types of breast lifts are:

  1. Lollipop Mastopexy: The Surgeon cuts around the nipple, lifts and moves it higher, and tightens the skin around the lifted nipple.
  2. Anchor breast lift: Similar to the lollipop method, this procedure adds an incision under each breast. A “tether” tightens and lifts the skin, moving the nipple higher on the chest wall. Liposuction may enhance body contours.
  3. Keyhole (Donut) Boob lift: Combining breast augmentation and lift procedures is popular for avoiding multiple surgeries and visible scarring. Multiple small incisions minimize scarring and tissue removal.

How is the Boob lift Procedure Performed?

How is the Boob lift Procedure Performed new 2024

Breast lift Procedure:

  • The surgeon uses general anesthesia during mastopexy.
  • An incision is made around the areola or darker skin around the nipple.
  • The breast tissue is lifted, and the nipple is repositioned by stitching the areola to a “pedicle” of skin extending from under your arm to above it.
  • The pedicle is then attached to each side of your chest wall for support, using stitches or surgical tape based on your comfort needs.
  • After repositioning the breast tissue, the surgeon closes both incisions with sutures or surgical glue, depending on the required post-surgery support.

How Breast lift surgery is done

Best mastopexy prices for 2023

Packages include medical fees, hospital accommodation, airport transfers, and personal host.

What is Mastopexy Recovery Like?

What is Mastopexy Recovery Like new 2024

Recovery after breast lift:

  1. Recovery Time: Individual factors, breast size, and the type of procedure influence varied recovery times.
  2. Time Off Work: Because of stitches, most women require some time off work.
  3. Bra Usage: Wear a sports bra for at least six weeks for breast healing. Use a surgical bra 24/7, except during showering. Consider having two or three bras to avoid daily handwashing.
  4. Bra Sizes: Some find it helpful to have bras in different sizes during the healing stages.
  5. Exercise: Take 4–6 weeks off from all exercises, including weight lifting and cardio. Avoid heavy lifting during recovery.
  6. Scar Care: Scars may appear red and slightly raised for several months to a year. Fade naturally with good hygiene practices, such as daily moisturizing creams.

What Risks Are Associated with Boob Lift Surgery?

The most common risks associated with mastopexy surgery include:

  1. Infection
  2. Decreased blood flow to the nipple
  3. Nipple inversion or retraction (when the nipple turns inward)
  4. Skin sagging and deformity, which may require additional surgery
  5. Nipple necrosis or loss of feeling in the nipple (rare)

Will I Have Mastopexy Scars?

Considering your options before deciding on breast augmentation or breast lift surgery is essential.

Your doctor will discuss with you their plan for addressing scarring. However, there are steps you can take beforehand to minimize the visibility of your scars following a Boob lift.

You must take care of your incisions after surgery. Your doctor may recommend:

  1. Sleeping on a foam pillow to keep pressure off the incision site.
  2. Wearing compression garments (bandages) over the breasts during the recovery period

What is the difference between surgical and non-surgical Mastopexy?

The difference between surgical and non-surgical breast lifts is that the former is more effective in reducing breast size and creating a better shape.

Surgical Mastopexy involves:

  • Remove excess skin and fat from the breast.
  • Tighten the tissue that supports the breast.
  • Reshap the nipple to make it higher.

Non-surgical breast lifts can be done in two ways:

Breast reduction surgery

Breast Reduction in Turkey surgery is performed to reshape breasts in cases of excess skin and fat caused by weight loss or pregnancy. This is also done when breasts sag because of weight fluctuations or pregnancy.

This process removes unwanted material and tightens supporting tissues for stronger support. It also reshapes nipples to sit higher on your chest.

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Augmentation surgery

breast augmentation in Turkey is a method that has been around for millennia. Saline implants can make your breasts bigger without surgery. They are positioned under your skin, eliminating the need for any incisions or stitches.

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Is a breast lift painful?

Pain during and after surgery tends to be temporary. Your doctor will discuss the surgery and recovery, explaining medications that may be prescribed to alleviate pain.

After Mastopexy, your doctor will provide you with pain medicine to help alleviate any discomfort. This is typically administered either through a shot or an IV and is given 24 hours following the surgery. Alternatively, the dentist may also provide oral painkillers.

Can I get a Boob lift without implants?

Yes, it is possible to undergo Mastopexy without implants. A breast lift is an operation performed to lift drooping breasts and correct sagging of the nipple-areola complex.

This procedure can be done without implants if there is enough tissue in your chest to support them after surgery. Otherwise, implants may be suggested depending on your situation.


Mastopexy may be undertaken for various reasons; these could range from pregnancy or weight loss. Before deciding on Mastopexy in Turkey, gather as much cost information as possible to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, insurance doesn’t cover Mastopexy as it’s considered a cosmetic procedure. Confirm with your provider for specific details.

Yes, many clinics offer financing plans to help distribute the cost of Mastopexy, making it more manageable for patients.

The surgeon’s experience, clinic reputation, geographical location, and the extent of the procedure can impact Mastopexy costs.

Recovery is generally 1-2 weeks. While it may impact personal costs (time off work, aftercare), the overall surgical cost remains constant.

Additional fees may include anesthesia, facility charges, and post-operative garments. Discuss these details with your surgeon during consultations.

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