Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair Transplant Surgery

Many people suffer from hair falling, which makes them panic and have a lack of self-confidence. Hair transplant surgery is a permanent solution that can help them restore their hair and gain the look they aspire to.

What is a hair transplant? 

Hair transplant or hair restoration is a surgical procedure in which the surgeon removes hair follicles from one part of the head “donor area ” to implant them in the balding area.

This procedure is the most common cosmetic procedure among men. However, many women undergo hair restoration surgery to get rid of the thin hair problem.

Before you decide to perform this process, you need to check with your surgeon whether this process works well for you or not.

HayatMed, located in Istanbul, is considered one of the best hair transplantation clinics in Turkey. We have highly skilled and experienced surgeons in this field. Click here for a free consultation with our surgeon. 

Best Hair transplant surgeons 

The hair restoration industry is an active competitive market, in general, all over the world, and particularly in Turkey.

When you decide to undergo hair transplant surgery, the most critical step is how to choose the best surgeon in this field.

Turkey is one of the most attractive places for people who intend to undergo hair restoration surgery.

For instance, if you start to find hair transplant clinics in Turkey, you will notice that you have hundreds of options.

The number of hair plant clinics increases noticeably during the past few years, which you can consider a two-edged sword.

The positive side is that these clinics are always trying to improve their techniques, provide the best services, and offer a competitive price.

However, many clinics in this market do hair restoration surgeries for only material profit purposes.

They even are unqualified to perform any cosmetic surgery.  So, the question is, how can you choose the best hair transplant surgeon?

Keep in mind that you must not decide to do it anywhere when you are looking for a surgeon to perform this surgery because of the low cost.

We admit that saving money is essential, but we must not forget the importance of experience and qualifications.

With HayatMed, you can achieve the desired results under the most skilled doctors’ supervision in the hair transplant field. 

Click here to contact one of the HayatMed representatives for more information about hair restoration. 

Are you the right candidate for hair restoration surgery? 

Are you the right candidate for hair restoration surgery?

First of all, you should not perform this surgery before exhausting all the attempts to stop your hair loss.

Sometimes you may be wrong that hair transplantation is the solution to your problem.

It would help if you met the surgeon to check your case and decide whether you are the right candidate for it or not.

Some factors determine who are the best candidates for this surgery, such as:

Hair loss reason

People who suffer from pattern baldness are good candidates for this procedure. This type of hair loss is genetic and affects only one part of the scalp. It means that they have healthy hair follicles in the donor area.

While if they have unpatterned baldness, they may not be the right candidates for hair transplant surgery. The hair loss affects all their scalp, and they may have an unhealthy donor area.

Furthermore, people who lost hair due to shock or burns can undergo this process.

The Age of the candidate 

Although there is no specific age for people who can undergo hair restoration surgery, the ideal age to perform it is over 22.

Some people start to experience hair loss at a young age, which means that the hair falling may not be limited even after the surgery. So, the patient should expect an additional session later.

Health status of the candidate 

People who intend to undergo this treatment should be in good health status. They should also share their medical history and medication with the surgeon.

Furthermore, before performing a hair transplant surgery, they should reduce smoking as much as possible and regular exercise.

Hair Characteristics 

The Characteristics of a candidate’s hair affect the success of the surgery. For example, people who have thick hair in the donor area will get more hair coverage than thin hair.

As well, curly hair will give more excellent coverage than straight hair.

These factors vary from case to case, so you need to ensure that you are the right candidate before undergoing hair restoration surgery.

With HayatMed, you can be sure that our surgeons will advise you honestly whether this procedure works well for you or not. Click here to get an appointment for a free consultation. 

Preparing for Hair transplant 

Before scheduling the surgery, the essential step is to choose an independent clinic or hospital with extensive Hair restoration surgery experience.

You will meet with your surgeon to discuss important points

such as:

  • The surgeon will check your medical history by asking many questions like your medical problems, previous surgeries, and used medication. He/she will examine your scalp and ask for a blood test.
  • Your surgeon will take photos of your scalp from various angles to compare before and after the process.
  • The surgeon will decide which technique will use depending on your case.

After this consultation, it will be clear whether the surgery is likely to work well for you or not. Unfortunately, according to the donor area in the scalp, some cases are not appropriate for this process.

If yes, he/she will explain to you all the instructions you must follow precisely to avoid any complications.

At HayatMed, we have highly skilled surgeons in the hair transplant field. In addition to the experienced medical crew and the hospital, which is equipped with advanced technologies. 

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Hair transplant procedure 

There are mainly two techniques for performing this procedure:

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation):

This technique is a traditional technique of hair restoration. It is an old type that lost its validity in the last few years.

In this procedure, the surgeon doesn’t need to shave the entire scalp; but only the donor area. Then he/she removes a 6- to 10-inch piece of the scalp skin from the back of your head and closes the area with stitches.

Next, the surgeon’s crew separates the strip of removed scalp into 500 to 2,000 little grafts. These grafts may contain only one hair or a few.

 The surgeon makes tiny holes in your scalp and inserts hair grafts into these holes, then covers the surgical area with bandages.

FUT leaves linear scars, which will fade over time but, unfortunately, will not disappear totally.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction): 

There are many types of FUE techniques that are developed over time, including:

Classic FUE: 

In this procedure, the surgeon removes every Individual hair follicular from the donor area (usually from the scalp’s back and sides).

What is FUE Hair Transplant?

After collecting the required number of hair grafts, he/she inserts them into small cuts made in the treated site by steel blades.

This technique doesn’t need removing a strip of the scalp as FUT, so no scars appear.

However, as a result of extracting hair follicular from the donor area, there will be white scars, but they fade over time.

Sapphire FUE:

It is a new technique of FUE. The main difference between it and classic FUE is the used blades made from a precious stone called sapphire during creating incisions within the treated area.

The small incisions made by sapphire blades are micro and regular. So, the surgeon can make closer incisions in the receipt area and achieve more coverage.

Robotic FUE: 

It is an advanced type of FUE that uses an automatic system made by the surgeon, depending on the case.

There are two steps. The robotic system collects the maximum number of follicular.

Then it will determine where to insert them in the receipt area.

This system works accurately according to specific programming made by the surgeon.

The features of this type reduce the risk of human error, besides it doesn’t leave any scars.

DHI (Direct Hair Implantation): 

It is not a technique of hair transplant; It is a new type of FUE technique. The main difference between it and the classic FUE that the surgeon will extract every single hair follicular separately and implant it directly in the receipt area using the Choi implanter pen.

What is DHI Hair Transplant?

The main feature of this type is that each extracted follicle will be outside of the scalp for a short time, so it increases each one’s survival rate.

Whatever the used technique, you will be under local anesthesia during the surgery. It is an easy process with no pain.

In general, this process takes between five to seven hours. The patient can take a break during it if it is necessary.

It would be best to meet your surgeon to check your case and determine the most appropriate technique for you.

Find the full article about DHI vs. FUE Hair Transplant. Which is Better?

At HayatMed, we have all kinds of equipment and experiences to perform any hair transplant technique, depending on your condition.

Hair transplant recovery

After the surgery, the surgeon will cover your scalp for two days. The surgeon will describe to you a painkiller to use when needed and antibiotics for a few days.

In general, you can go home on the same day. However, the surgeon will ask you to come again after two days to remove the bandage, check your scalp, and wash it with a medical lotion.

You can return to your routine activities after four weeks but may the scars in your scalp be visible during the two weeks after the surgery. No worry, it will fade quickly.

After approximately two weeks, the planted hair will fall gradually, and you will notice new hair growth.

The surgeon will ask you to follow some instructions for the coming months. It is necessary to get the best results, such as washing your hair, following a special diet, avoiding the sun rays, and reducing smoking.

Usually, most people will notice the new hair growth covers the treated area after a few months. 

Hair transplant side effects 

Hair transplant side effects

Like every surgical procedure, this process may be associated with some complications.

Such as:

  • Bleeding.
  • Infection.
  • Swelling of the scalp.
  • Bruises around the eyes.
  • A crust on the scalp will be treated by using a special lotion.
  • Lack of sensation on the scalp during the few days after the surgery.
  • Scars on the scalp will be fade gradually.
  • Infection of the hair follicles.
  • Unnatural-looking hair.

Be sure to follow all the surgeon’s tips to surpass the complications safely. 

Hair transplant before and after

Hair transplant cost 

The cost of this surgery is different.

Some factors determine the price like:

  • The used technique for hair transplantation and the number of transplanted follicular.
  • Geographical location.
  • The surgeon’s experience.

Istanbul is the destination for many people who intend to perform hair restoration surgeries.

The reasons which stand behind that are the affordable prices and the experienced surgeons in this field.

There, the cost of this process arranges between $1,500 to $2,500 while in the UK, it may cost between £5,000 to £12,000

In the USA, the cost of this surgery arranges between $4,000 to $15,000

The main reason for the different prices between Turkey and other places which they usually set the price according to the transplanted grafts, not according to the total surgery.

HayatMed for Cosmetic Surgeries, located in Istanbul, is highly experienced in performing hair transplant surgeries with satisfactory results according to our patients’ evaluations. In addition to the competitive costs. 

Click here for more information about the exact price.

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